Panhead Hydra Glide

Nashville Phil

London, UK-based musical creative, Nashville Phil, is a country singer and songwriter. This Mayes County, Oklahoma native is a natural-born storyteller with a strong love for country music. Some of his previous releases include tracks like “Only Got Yourself to Blame,” “Forty-two Shoe,” and “Button Fly.” Plastic Magazine’s Alberto Mossaro notes the artist’s distinctive style “supports the traditions of the genre with a classic country vocal style sitting above delicate folk-inspired instrumentation.” Phil’s catalog is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. His latest single, “Panhead Hydra Glide,” was released in 2022. The song also features accompanying visuals.

“Panhead Hydra Glide” boasts a vivacious country instrumental that was put together by NASHVILLE PHIL, T. Daniel Howard, and Emma Goss. If it doesn’t make you stomp your feet and clap your hand, you might need to turn your speakers up a little louder. Over the instrumental, NASHVILLE PHIL tells the tale of Jump In Jim, a Harley Davidson-riding womanizer who ends up being involved in a tragedy like none other (We don’t want to play spoiler here; instead, we want you to hear the story for yourself). Though the song has its fair share of dark lyrics, NASHVILLE PHIL’s intoxicating melodies and astute storytelling (Trust me, you will be hanging onto his every word) makes it an exciting listen all-around.

Give the intriguing “Panhead Hydra Glide” a shot below.

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