What If

TaniA Kyllikki

“What If” is a melodic pop gem that explores a great loss.

London, UK-based musical creative, TaniA Kyllikki, is a critically-acclaimed British singer and songwriter that has captured the attention of millions of listeners all over the globe. Kyllikki’s “massive, old school, and strong vocal range combined with her distinct, raw, and organic storytelling approach has allowed her to garner comparisons to legends in the music industry.” In January 2022, TaniA Kyllikki hit #25 on Amazon’s Top 100 Pop Albums for her self-written project Why Chapter One. Additionally, she’s been featured in many well-recognized music magazines since 2021. Through her music, TaniA offers plenty of emotion and empathy, showcasing maturity and depth. It’s a sound that might be lacking in some artists today, but she makes it her entire brand. Some of TaniA’s biggest releases are “Remind Me (Remix),” “Rare,” “My Hero,” “Lie With Me,” and “This Is Who I Am.” Her full discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. TaniA’s latest drop is the pop single “What If.”

This song covers a sensitive topic, and as such, it’s appropriately powered by a gentle, piano-driven instrumental. In “What If,” a track that was produced by Rynellton (TaniA’s fiance and music partner), TaniA has one central question: What if she didn’t lose her child? Lyrics like “Your tiny fingers / And your tiny toes / So beautiful like a miniature doll” and “Nothing prepared us / For that sad day / When God took you home” intimately examine the heartbreak that comes with a heavy loss. The lyrics vividly highlight painful memories that were formed about a baby, observing everything that was and reflecting on the loss. As a result, we all are touched by extension through the softness of every syllable. There are no words of solace we can give regarding a subject like this; however, the music might be comforting for someone who has had a similar experience.

“What If” is based on TaniA and her fiance/music partner’s experience with losing triplets due to a miscarriage. For her to have the strength to be able to translate her pain from that unfortunate situation into music that is touching and delicate is inspiring. It’s an absolute honor that TaniA decided to share with us this love note to “Lyric, London, Blair, Conner, Noah.”

Press play below to experience all the moving elements of “What If.”

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