Alpha Cat

A captivating alternative-rock tune that’s a truly stellar experience.

Alpha Cat is a music band that crafts stunning tunes you definitely won’t want to miss. They are led by singer and songwriter Elizabeth McCullough. According to a recent interview with Elizabeth, Alpha Cat’s unique sound is “eclectic,” with songs that “range from rock to dream rock to pop to Americana.” Some of the singer’s influences include the Beatles, Joni Mitchell, Neal Young, the Pretenders, the Cure, Machine Gun Kelly, and more. One of Alpha Cat’s recent drops is the alt-rock single “Orbit.” According to Elizabeth, the song is “about all kinds of separations: from another, from yourself, and the deep divisions on this planet now.”

“Orbit” offers up the perfect backdrop of groovy beats to complement its emotional exploration. Lyrics like “What I wouldn’t give to be closer than this / I fall from dreams to covers that are drenched in tears and sweat” and “we close our eyes to complications; both generous and true” beautifully reflect on different forms of connection and detachment. With its wonderfully immersive soundscape and plenty of powerful declarations, Alpha Cat gifts us a thoughtful alt-rock gem that will have you musing on its messages long after the last note. So, press play and give yourself an unforgettable experience with “Orbit.”

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