Fell in Love at 15

Sam Free

A pop single about experiencing love for the first time. 

Musical creative, Sam Free, is a singer and songwriter from Las Vegas, Nevada. This artist first began to explore her passion for singing when she was just four years old. After finishing high school, Free started working at Studio A in Las Vegas, where she gained new music skills from Josh Conley. Free is well known for her pop base and groovy backdrops. Some of her previous releases include tracks like “Come Thru,” “Lie So Good,” and “WHY.” These, and more, are available on Spotify and SoundCloud. Sam Free’s latest drop is the pop song “Fell in Love at 15” from her forthcoming EP. 

“Fell in Love at 15” is all about a teenage romance. This soulful pop-rock soundscape touches upon the absolute joy that comes with being in love for the first time. Lyrics like “Love is different when you’re high / Your touch hits different in the night” and “We were dancin and kissin / Your lips / Were religion / Prayin and wishin / That this wasn’t fiction” reflect on the magic of first-time love. As a result, there’s a beautiful and uplifting sensation that comes with every single word. With its catchy melody and warm declarations, Free has gifted us with a dreamy and nostalgic pop gem. So, press play below to get swept up in the heartfelt tale of how she “Fell in Love at 15.”

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