Body Do


Chlöe’s new single will make you lose some calories.

There’s no other way to slice it: Chlöe is a f**king superstar. Not only is she starring in Childish Gambino’s new Swarm television series, but she is also releasing songs at a feverish pace. Today, Chlöe returned to the music scene with an intoxicating new single called “Body Do.”



I don’t think I’ve heard anything like “Body Do” in ten years. In the song, which is powered by this hectic dance beat that would probably make a young Chris Brown hyperventilate, Chlöe uses sultry vocals and hypnotizing melodies to explain why she deserves better from her shaky partner. At the same time, she knows this same person is the only one that can get her to melt like some Ice cream in Arizona. All in all, the vibes are explosive and the lyrics are juicy in “Body Do.”

Damson Idris is a very lucky man.

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