I Remember

Internet Money (Ft. Kodak Black & Roddy Ricch)

As long as Internet Money keeps making hits, I’m OK with putting up with their weird-ass name.

Internet Money makes dope-ass tracks (They have like 29 people in their group, so they better). Though they have their favorite people to collaborate with, like Lil Tecca, occasionally, they do work with other big-name artists in the hip-hop game. With that being said, Internet Money’s latest single, “I Remember,” features both Roddy Ricch and Kodak Black.


“I Remember” is struggle music at its finest. In the song, which boasts this dramatic trap beat, Roddy Ricch sings about dealing with shiesty women, fake friends, and turbulent come-ups, while Kodak Black talks about putting his shooters in positions to succeed like Steve Kerr. What folks will like about the song is how authentic their contributions sound. Like, based on their emotional melodies and gritty deliveries, you can’t tell me they weren’t on the block like Myles Turner.

Give “I Remember” a shot below.

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