Two Step

Fritz Hager

A pop single that pokes fun at over-the-top male fantasies.

Nashville-based musical creative, Fritz Hager, is a singer and songwriter who likes to shock his audience. As a self-professed “indie guy,” the Texas native’s long-standing passion for music began with singing in a church choir and continued into middle school. There, the singer began learning to play the guitar and started songwriting. Hager takes influence from AC/DC, The Killers, Oasis, Ed Sheeran, James Bay, and John Mayer. His unique style combines “humor, clever lyrics, and instantly infectious melodies.” Fritz gained notoriety after appearing on season 20 of American Idol, where he finished in the Top 5. One of his recent hits is the indie track, “Caroline.” This song, and many more, are available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. Fritz Hager’s latest drop is the pop single, “Two Step.”

“Two Step” offers up a feel-good soundscape and is full of contagious beats to complement the track’s unexpected take on a love story. Lyrics like “I bet they call you Aphrodite / Oh it’s too early but I might be falling in love” and “Here I go again, picturing a future with a girl I just met” take a lighthearted look at over-the-top romance. At the same time, they playfully mock the fact that male fantasies are so easy to picture. It’s amusing, and it’s promising. It’s like Hager is putting his best foot forward, taking things a step at a time, so as not to scare his girl off. So, press play below to experience the artist’s satirical take on rom-coms with “Two Step.”

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