Kayden McCarthy Has "Too Much"

Too Much

Kayden McCarthy

A song that provides an accurate look on heartbreaks.

Based in Chicago, Kayden McCarthy is a pop singer and songwriter. Before establishing himself as an artist, McCarthy started with just a $100 microphone, using Garageband to make music. All greatness must start small, and this artist is no different. Since his early days, McCarthy reached new heights in the Chicago music scene with the release of his singles and EPs. With his music, he attempts to bring out emotions that are not commonly explored in everyday life. What he looks at may sound cliche or overused, but this artist finds new angles to explore. One of his previous singles is the pop hit “Lonely Nights.” If you’re looking for someone full of passion and depth, McCarthy is the one to search for. His discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Kayden McCarthy’s latest release is the single,“Too Much.”

McCarthy combines singing and rapping into one entity that makes the perfect flow. With that flow, he expresses the immense pain he’s been going through: The pain of his ex and the heartbreak that’s ensued from their breakup. With a lot on his mind, he takes up harmful ways to numb it all. Lyrics like “I’ve been way off my game with you / I’ve been drinking way too much” encapsulates just how much this breakup has torn into him. McCarthy explores just how dark of a place one’s mind can go when it comes to breakups. He takes an honest approach by not glamorizing how bad the fallout of a relationship can be. So, stream Kayden McCarthy (while trying not to cry) for a song that might be “Too Much” on its own.

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