Post Malone

Riverboat Post is back!

I’m going to go ahead and say what everyone else is thinking: Post Malone has fallen off quite a bit. I hate to say that because I think he’s one of the nicest human beings on this planet. The fact of the matter is that his last project sort of came and went. The good news is this: It’s never too late to make a remarkable comeback. Today, Posty returned to the music scene with “Chemical,” a track that has Top 40 written all over it.



I prefer Hacky Sack Post Malone over “White Iverson” Post Malone. To me, the former sounds a lot purer. With that being said, Posty sounds so white in “Chemical,” I wouldn’t be surprised if he made the song while hiking. In it, he allows his free spirit to take over; as a result, you get his signature cracked voice and lyrical content that revolves around the power of drugs. All in all, I think that “Chemical” is the definition of a top 40 hit.

When Post Malone’s voice cracks, it makes my soul feel like it’s in a play-in game.

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