Yung Bleu makes his quick return with “Love Scars II.”




Honorable Mention. Casamigos Nights

S**t, my Casamigos night ended with me almost burning my house down trying to make some toast.

We’re always trying to blame s**t on the liquor, right (Prayers to Jamie Foxx)? In “Casamigos Nights,” Yung Bleu says he connects with his woman more when they are taking shots and living life on the edge. First and foremost, if you are a liquor drinker, you absolutely agree with Bleu here. Secondly, I think his unapologetic lyrics pair fantastically with his soothing vocals. Lastly, Casamigos is a good f**king tequila.



5. Lonely Winters

Just turn the heater on, Bleu.

In “Lonely Winters,” Yung Bleu talks about a relationship that he is in that seems to be running its course. The emotion he shows throughout is intriguing to listen to. In his singing moments, he comes across as overly concerned and pessimistic, while in his rapping moments, he comes across as confrontational and angry. The combination makes for one very stirring banger.



4. Pussy Papa

“Pussy Papa” is a weird but appropriate title for this song.

In “Pussy Papa,” Yung Bleu says he deserves his woman’s vagina because he’s a superstar in the game. Throughout his verses, he mentions what he can both do to and do for her. Interestingly, what I like about the track the most is how simple it sounds. The hook is simple but catchy, Bleu’s vocals are simple but infectious, and his lyrics are simple but cocky. I think simple is good for Bleu sometimes.





3. Distant Lover (Ft. Chris Brown)

When you say “distant,” how far are we talking (Are we talking Europe)?

“Baddest” with Chris Brown is one of Yung Bleu’s biggest hits to date. It’s also one of Bleu’s most exciting singles. While “Distant Lover” isn’t as exciting as “Baddest,” it still features a great Chris Brown hook and pretty cheeky raps from Bleu. I just love how Brown allows Bleu to be the rawest version of himself by doing the heavy lifting.



2. Games Women Play

Can you believe the games women used to play with me turned me on?

In “Games Women Play,” Yung Bleu speaks on the many sneaky ways women break the hearts of men. The song boasts gloomy, piano-driven production that will definitely have you in your feelings. Over it, Bleu hits us with a feverish/passionate style of singing that makes his juicy lyrics illuminate significantly. All in all, I would call this a very Bleusy track.



1. Kissing On Your Tattoos

What if she has a tattoo on the bottom of her feet, are you kissing that?

“Kissing On Your Tattoos” is some s**t that needs to be played in the telly. In the song, Yung Bleu talks about getting his wifey to shake her ass, drool, and wish that she had more tattoos on her body. What music fans will appreciate is how smooth the track is. Bleu does a good job of hitting us with an infectious vocal performance that pairs nicely with the sensual beat. I can definitely see a bunch of babies being made to this joint right here.


1. Casamigos Nights (4/5)

2. Games Women Play (4.5/5)

3. The Way You Rock (3.5/5)

4. Lonely Winters (4/5)

5. Waterfalls (Ft. Ty Dolla $ign) (4/5)

6. Under My Spell (3.5/5)

7. Distant Lover (Ft. Chris Brown) (4/5)

8. Angel Dust (3.5/5)

9. 2am in Dallas (3.5/5)

10. Can’t Help Who You Love (4/5)

11. Kissing On Your Tattoos (4/5)

12. Pussy Papa (4/5)

13. You Got It (Interlude) (3/5)

14. Till The Death (4/5)

15. Stingy (Ft. Tink) (3/5)





I’m so high on Yung Bleu, I don’t think I can drive right now. In a world full of lazy R&B singers, I feel like Bleu is one of the only artists that take the genre seriously. With that being said, I was very bored listening to this album. Love Scars II features a bunch of melodies I’ve heard before, cliche lyrics, your typical trap emotional beats, and literally the same guest appearances. S**t, I feel like I heard this album before. What I will bring up about Love Scars II is this: Bleu’s opinions on the trials and tribulations that come with being in relationships will never get old with me. I love how he fearlessly tackles the emotions he feels towards his lover; whether they are in a good place or not. I also like the moments he sticks his chest out like Janet, letting us know that women need to put respect on his name. At the end of the day, I just wasn’t moved by this album, and I doubt that it will grow on me. It’s all good, I still f**k with Bleu.

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