NBA YoungBoy gives us a whopping 33 tracks with “Don’t Try This At Home.”



Honorable Mention. Out Nothing

I wonder if women find what NBA YoungBoy is saying in this song to be romantic…

In “Out Nothing,” NBA YoungBoy talks about both protecting and poisoning his woman. Though that sounds terrible, the good news is this: The song sounds pretty dynamic. Not only does NBA hit us with slick, fast-paced flows, but he also finds pockets to fit in his melodic side. His two approaches sound fantastic over the touching, bass booming beat that powers everything.

If this song’s quality was a little better, it might’ve made my top 5 list.



Honorable Mention. Don’t Leave

Whenever NBA YoungBoy pours his heart out like he does in “Don’t Leave,” I start throwing out 4s and 5s.

This song’s piano-driven trap beat instantly spoke to my soul. The way NBA YoungBoy meets the beat at the rim with emotional vocals and deep lyrics about running up bags and holding his woman down made me do a full-blown shiver. I like this version of YoungBoy.



Honorable Mention. Rear View (Ft. Mariah The Scientist)

What a random collaboration.

In “Rear View,” NBA YoungBoy and Mariah The Scientist bring up how being with them can lead to toxic experiences. Throughout the song, which boasts this emotional trap R&B beat, YoungBoy blesses us with vocals that switch between sounding fiery and subdued, while Mariah practically sounds laidback the whole time. On some real s**t, this track kind of gives me “Movin’ On” with Silkk Tha Shocker and Mya vibes.



5. What You Say (Ft. Post Malone & The Kid LAROI)

There are just as many white people as black people on this album (Who would’ve thunk it?).

Before you clown this track, please remember that The Kid LAROI and NBA YoungBoy have collaborated in the past. They have good chemistry with one another. As for explaining why Post Malone is on the track, I have nothing for you. Anywho, I wouldn’t say that this is the best song I’ve ever heard (I feel like NBA YoungBoy and the beat both sound drunk in it); however, I will say that I love how it changes the pace of this murderous album. I also think The Kid LAROI’s lone verse is amazing. But, once again, this song isn’t better than sliced bread; it’s just unique.

OK, you got me, white privilege made me put this song at number 5…


4. WTF (Ft. Nicki Minaj)

At this point, Nicki Minaj is one of NBA YoungBoy’s only mentors.

In “WTF,” NBA YoungBoy and Nicki Minaj dismiss more people than Deion Sanders. Over a beat that boasts good bass and emotional elements, the two rappers talk about getting folks whacked, wanting people they are familiar with around them, being better than their competition, and having each other’s back. My favorite thing about the track is that it sounds like some buddy-buddy s**t that is far from mushy. My second favorite thing about the track is how NBA’s passionate melodies merge with Nicki Minaj’s ass-kicking, aggressive deliveries.

3. Cold Killers

What’s the point of saying “Stop The Violence” if you’re not going to stop the violence?

“Cold Killers” might be the most played track from this project. It boasts a flawless hook, a very enjoyable tempo, and your typical demented NBA YoungBoy lyrics that jits seem to love. Frfr, the song gives me classic YoungBoy vibes, so if you fell in love with his Grim Reaper music, it will strike a chord with you mightily.



2. Hustle

NBA YoungBoy definitely goes the hell off in “Hustle.”

NBA YoungBoy is far from an underdog these days, but he definitely sounds like one in “Hustle.” In the song, he talks about his major come-up and all of the adversity he had to go through throughout the years. While I really enjoy our hero’s passionate lyrics, I think it’s the relentless flow that he uses from start to finish that catches my attention (Especially over the feverish and emotional beat).



1. Mr Gaulden

Someone with the last name ‘Gaulden’ would never hurt someone, right? Spshhhhh!

I usually don’t like the tracks in which NBA YoungBoy sounds like he has rabies, but I made an exception for “Mr Gaulden.” The reason why is that I love the song’s hook (Especially how NBA puts respect on his own last name in it), the menacing New Orleans beat, and the lyrics that almost read like a transcript from a toxic Instagram Live session. I can get jiggy with this s**t!


1. Big Truck (3/5)

2. Mr Gaulden (4/5)

3. Take Down (3/5)

4. By Myself (3.5/5)

5. Out Nothing (3.5/5)

6. Bangin My Line (3/5)

7. Rear View (Ft. Mariah The Scientist) (3.5/5)

8. Hustle (4/5)

9. Morning (2.5/5)

10. Homicide Pt. 2 (3/5)

11. Cold Killers (4/5)

12.  WTF (Ft. Nicki Minaj) (4/5)

13. Choppa Doctor (3/5)

14. Trust Issues (3/5)

15. Run The Hood (3/5)

16. No Rubber (2.5/5)

17. Loaded Now (3/5)

18. Got One (3/5)

19. Spin&Ben (3/5)

20. 1.5 (3/5)

21. War (3.5/5)

22. Grave Digga (3/5)

23. Off The Lean (4/5)

24. What You Say (Ft. Post Malone & The Kid LAROI) (4/5)

25. Off The Lean (3.5/5)

26. Slimeto (2.5/5)

27. Another Dead (3/5)

28. Pistol Toting (3.5/5)

29. Cemetery Lifestyle (3/5)

30. Don’t Leave (4/5)

31. Head Shot (3/5)

32. I Is That (3.5/5)

33. Like Madden (3.5/5)




I think there is such a thin line between growing as an artist and staying the same. In Don’t Try This At Home, NBA YoungBoy feeds us with his usual grim reaper music, and I am sure that his true fans will love that. However, from a growth standpoint, he doesn’t experiment much on the album. Out of this project’s whopping 33 tracks, about 20 of them are on some murderous s**t.

33 tracks is a lot (Chris Brown is somewhere yelling “Hold my beer”). Surprisingly, NBA YoungBoy keeps us entertained throughout. Even though I think he spits over a bunch of beats I feel like we’ve heard before, the silver lining is that he never sounds boring. Throughout, he hits us with action-packed lyrics that highlight his love for war, his love for his down-ass chick, his love for money, and his love for living a reckless lifestyle. He also hits us with all kinds of flows, animation levels, and emotions. I mean, watching a crazy person do their job is amusing, right (S**t, I enjoy watching Draymond Green play basketball)?

Here’s how I see it: When NBA YoungBoy drops songs like “Out Nothing,” “Rear View,” and more, I think he’s special. When YoungBoy drops songs like “By Myself” and “Big Truck,” he settles. Whatever the case may be, the customer is always right, and according to his bank account and streaming numbers, y’all want to hear this version of YoungBoy. I’m not mad at it, just make sure you go to church after listening to this s**t.

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