Thomas Day Is A "MASOCHIST"


Thomas Day

A pop track that takes you on a wild ride.

Brentwood, Tennessee native, Thomas Day, is a pop singer and songwriter who uses music as a way of channeling his emotions. One of those emotions is heartbreak, and the artist has gone through his fair share of it. With his skillful songwriting, he turns his heartbreak into heartfelt songs everyone can relate to. Before becoming a full-time artist, Day would post song covers of artists he looked up to and drew inspiration from on TikTok. This helped him gain a large following; now has over 6 million followers. No longer in the passenger’s seat, he now shares with his followers his own songs for others to be inspired by. Day’s discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and his own website. Thomas Day’s latest release is the pop single “MASOCHIST.” The song also has an accompanying official music video.

Day takes trauma bonding to a whole new level on this pop and rock-infused track. Sometimes, love can be cruel and painful, but it’s so intense that Day finds it hard to stay away from. For Day himself, however, he loves the pain he feels from this chaotic love he’s in. By embracing each and every wound from it, he shows us how exciting it actually is to hurt. The song is a whirlwind with its bursting chorus that allows you to experience the same highs and lows as Day does. Oftentimes, we run away from love or a relationship that may cause grief; Day teaches us it’s ok to feel those negative emotions. So, if you’re anything like Thomas Day, stream “MASOCHIST” to hear a song that welcomes heartbreak.

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