angelbaby Has A "view from the moon"

view from the moon


A soft song all about inspiring and exploring.

Signed to The Hume Collective, a record label all about cultivating metastars, angelbaby is an artist that’s not just virtual; they come from the future, all the way from 3045 where creativity and freedom of expression are banned. Now, in the present day, angelbaby has been working with The Hume Collective to fight the oppressive future through music and art. Their discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and their own website. Their debut single, “the otherside,” dropped in March. Now, angelbaby is back with the new single “view from the moon.”

“view from the moon” is a sweet-sounding song about exploring the unknown. It challenges you to go above and beyond when trying to achieve your goals and aspirations. For angelbaby, it’s all about taking risks so they can live in the future they’ve always dreamed about. From its lyrics, like “Always seen my life higher than a high rise” and “Got my ship and I’m ready for launch,” you can see angelbaby has its mind on the big picture and is eager to secure it. Whether you have a goal or passion for life, you should never be afraid to try anything, even with the possibility of failure. Hopefully, “view from the moon” gives you the needed boost of courage to pursue those dreams. So, stream angelbaby’s new single to encourage your own bravery and fearlessness from your “view from the moon.”

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