the otherside


A pop tune that explores heartbreak.

Virtual music artist, angelbaby, and record label, the hume collective, are on a mission to create an open metaverse and reimagine what it means to be an artist. angelbaby is a metastar from the year 3045. Since his arrival in 2021, hume collective has been building a new type of label. This label “relies on the preservation of their ability to express themselves honestly.” According to the hume collective, they’re making a new “connection between artist and fan that will be the catalyst for what defines a new generation of music.” Their music is available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. angelbaby’s debut song is the pop single “the otherside,” which features multi-platinum artist and songwriter, Gino The Ghost. The new track is also accompanied by an official lyric video.

“the otherside” is an angsty breakup tale that wants to remember the better parts of a relationship. However, there are too many sad things to consider. In the end, it was better that things ended. Lyrics like “wake up, this space in my bed you used to take up / Your hard to forget, yeah” and “I was a lost cause up until you found me / You’re the lifeboat that saved me when I was drowning” explore losing someone special. angelbaby and Gino The Ghost both understand heartache to the root of its pain. So, press play and get a taste of angelbaby’s unique interpretation of “the otherside.”

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