Taste like Summertime

OFF KEY JUNIOR (Ft. Lovespeake)

A pop single with a radiant, sun-soaked sound.

Musical creative, OFF KEY JUNIOR, is a multi-talented artist who is making his debut on the musical side of things. For the moment, he seems entirely new to the industry, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t already skilled. His single hit has already amassed nearly one hundred thousand listeners on Spotify. All of his future pieces will be available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. For his debut release, OFF KEY JUNIOR teamed up with Norway-based songwriter and featuring vocalist, Lovespeake, also known as Alex Pavelich. Together, Lovespeake and OFF KEY JUNIOR created the pop single “Taste like Summertime.” The song also has an accompanying official music video.

For anyone missing both the kid pop sound of the early 2010s and a summer sound, this is the perfect song for you. “Taste like Summertime” is romantic, old-school, and ear-catching. This is a sweet little song about how love makes you feel so good that your daily routine is just instantly improved. Lyrics like “Floating miles and miles away / Just to find the words to say / I got you on my mind” and “Don’t wanna hide my love / All these emotions / Fill an ocean / Here in my lonely heart / Set it in motion / Out in the open” tells the tale of a man ready to express his feelings for that special someone. It’s sunny outside, and your love seems to make it that much better. So, press play below and crank up the heat with a “Taste like Summertime.”

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