Don’t throw water on that man; just tell your friends.

Yesterday, while playing bus driver on my road trip down south, “Civil War” by Russ came on. While listening to the song, I said this to myself: Russ might be the only white rapper that actually doesn’t give me white rapper vibes. I just feel like he understands urban culture and how to sound original in it. Russ also understands how to put together a complete song. Yesterday, he returned to the music scene with the alternative pop banger “Fire.”



I’m actually surprised that “Fire” doesn’t sound all that fiery. In the song, which is powered by this very gentle pop beat that would probably put my three-month-old son to bed, Russ relies on passionate vocals and intoxicating melodies to let his main chick know that he’s gonna be down for her through thick and thin. Everything about the song feels pure and therapeutic.

If I’m the 76ers, I don’t let James Harden hear this song.

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