BLAME BO$ANOVUH (Ft. Nobody The Initiate & Nostalgia Nights)

Free Hasbulla!

As I said a few days ago, BLAME BO$ANOVUH makes bangers. When he links up with Nobody The Initiate, he makes bangers on steroids. Some of BO$ANOVUH’s previous singles that we have reviewed are “Hump Day (The1wāê)” and “Dō ¡T.” Recently, he dropped a new single called “Hazzzbooolllaaa.”

In “Hazzzbooolllaaa,” BLAME BO$ANOVUH flexes his ass off. In his verses, in several different ways, he lets us know that he has tons of money and f**ks with women that do s**t that’s strange for some change. Despite the song boasting a somewhat gleeful instrumental that will make you want to square dance, BO$ANOVUH hits us with sly deliveries that make him seem like the coolest dude on the block. Though his money is as tall as Hasbulla, his confidence is as tall as Shaq.

Give “Hazzzbooolllaaa” by BLAME BO$ANOVUH a shot below.

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