Hump Day (The1wāê)

BLAME BO$ANOVUH & Nobody The Initiate

I’m pretty sure this song isn’t about how great Wednesdays are…

BLAME BO$ANOVUH is an unadulterated, certified, and unstoppable hitmaker. Literally, every track that I’ve heard from him is on some top-notch club s**t. BO$ANOVUH isn’t done yet. Recently, he dropped a single with Nobody The Initiate called “Hump Day (The1wāê).”

“Hump Day (The1wāê)” is powered by this booming, piano-driven club beat that sounds perfect for mayhem. Over it, BLAME BO$ANOVUH keeps it a stack about his sexual endeavors and sick-ass ways. If you are an avid churchgoer, I highly recommend that you close your ears (Especially when he talks about getting dome more than Bill Clinton). If you call yourself a party-hop fan, I think you’ll love the catchy hook, cocky demeanor, and consistent flows that BLAME hits us with.

Can you believe that I wrote this review on a Wednesday (You can’t make this s**t up)?

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