Dō ¡T


Clubs will go crazy when “Dō ¡T” comes on.

BLAME BO$ANOVUH is an up-and-coming artist from Long Island, New York that has a future that is brighter than the lights in Vegas. What I think listeners will love about him is that he’s always down to have a party. Matter of fact, I think his whole catalog will do wonders in any nightclub with big-ass speakers. Recently, BLAME released yet another absolute banger: “Dō ¡T” with Con Man Capozzi and REALITY WARS.

The moment that you press play on “Dō ¡T,” you will be greeted with this bass booming beat that will make it feel like the ground is moving. Over it, BLAME BO$ANOVUH politely requests for his woman to twerk, bounce, and be loyal to him. What I think hip-hop fans (Particularly Big Sean fans) will appreciate about the song is how BLAME effortlesly slides on the beat, showing great consistency flow-wise. You also have to appreciate how the song’s purpose is literally designed to make folks have fun and forget about everything bad going on in the world.

See what happens when you nicely ask someone to do something for you?

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