Killer Mike

Mother’s Day is this weekend.

Don’t let Killer Mike’s rap name fool you, he’s a very good brother. Throughout the years, mainly during his time with Run The Jewels, he has dropped a bunch of meaningful hip-hop records. These days, Mike is on his solo s**t. Really soon, he plans on releasing his first solo album in ten years. One of the tracks that you might hear on it is the emotional “Motherless.”



Killer Mike holds zero back in “Motherless.” Backed by southern gospel-like vibes and gorgeous vocals from Eryn Allen Kane, Killer Mike relentlessly raps about the impact not having his mother or Grandmother around had on him. He also envisions what it would be like if he ever got to meet them again. As someone who lost their mother at a very young age, I connected with Killer Mike’s touching, blunt, and honest words. Man, I truly feel his pain.

Hug your mothers tight on this upcoming Mother’s Day.

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