A neo-soul single that captures relationship struggles.

Atlanta-based musical creative, E’Lanah, is a multi-talented singer and songwriter who has loved singing since her childhood. This artist uses her many years of voice lessons to fuel her work. E’Lanah’s unique sound falls into the “up-tempo, neo-soul R&B lane.” Her creations are “deep, emotional, and authentic,” providing music that connects with the Nebraska native’s “listeners on a profound level.” Taking additional inspiration from legendary vocalists, the singer has no plans of slowing down anytime soon. E’Lanah’s music is available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. Her latest drop is the neo-soul single, “Patience.”

For anyone who wants to listen to R&B with some jazz influences, this may be your next favorite. “Patience” is a lovely song with the time and energy to spend reminding us to be calm. The meaning is all internal: We can’t lose our cool when it comes to our significant other, no matter how angry they make us. Lyrics like “Trying to have a chill conversation / But you just seem so disturbed” and “I rather be reminiscing, rather be missing your kisses / Instead, I’m dealing with a menace / Ruthlessly in a disagreement” capture the complexity of communication issues and relationship woes. The highs and lows of love have never felt more like a waiting game. So, press play on E’lanah’s new single to give yourself some “Patience” with your love.

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