Angel Pt. 1

Kodak Black & NLE Choppa (Ft. Jimin, JVKE & Muni Long)

Pop stars, trap stars, and R&B stars unite in “Angel Pt. 1.”

One thing I love about Fast & Furious soundtracks is that they usually feature tons of inspirational and touching records. They also typically feature records in which pop stars go toe to toe with trap stars. In the latest single from the Fast 132 X soundtrack, “Angel Pt. 1,” trap stars Kodak Black and NLE Choppa go to work with an R&B star in Muni Long and pop stars in Jimin & JVKE.



Do you know what’s interesting about “Angel Pt. 1?” While Kodak Black and NLE Choppa rap about loyalty and overcoming odds, Muni Long, Jimin, and JVKE sing about being bad influences on good people. In other words, the roles are reversed: The rappers are the good guys and the singers are the demons. Don’t worry, stylistically, everyone does what they do best. To be more specific, Kodak and NLE hit us with raw-ass raps, while the Muni, JVKE, and Jimin hit us with passionate vocals that pair perfectly with the song’s emotional pop beat. All in all, I think “Angel Pt. 1” is the perfect single for this soundtrack.

Give “Angel Pt. 1” a shot below.

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