On Me

Cesar Santalo

I want to hear this at a pool party as soon as tomorrow.

Cesar Santalo is a talented singer and songwriter from Miami. The reason his city is important to his story is that its cultural influence has helped pave what his music sounds like today. Some of Cesar’s biggest hits are “Light You Up,” “Purple,” and “Jungle.” You can find his full catalog on Spotify. Cesar’s latest single is “On Me.”

“On Me” is a smooth afropop banger that is bound to capture the hearts and feet of listeners across the globe. With its infectious melodies, nice tempo, and passionate lyrics (Cesar talks about ignoring those who have something to say about how you move), I literally think the song is impossible to hate.

As we quickly approach the summer, these are the kind of songs that you need to have in your rotation. S**t, if I hear this song while I’m in Miami later this year, I might lose my mind.