Marcus Porter is refreshingly himself in “The Perception.”




5. Born Black

As a young black man, “Born Black” struck a major chord with me.

“Born Black” is filled with tons of passion. Throughout the song, you get bars from Marcus Porter, 1neofmani, Jay B Coolin, and The King that tackles the fight, the determination, the resiliency, the positivity, and the focus that is needed to succeed in a country that isn’t completely set up for black folks to succeed. I love this song because it contains raps that are delivered relentlessly, memorable melodies, and a level of emotion that is hard to ignore.



4. Glow (Ft. Juciee Monroe)

“Glow” will make you go harder than yesterday.

“Glow” is about standing as tall as you can and using your long arms to reach your dreams. The first thing that catches my attention about the song is that it features an instrumental that is flashy, booming, and grandiose. What also catches my attention about the song is that it features an infectious hook by Marcus Porter that would make a young Drake proud, an ambitious verse by Marcus that is delivered pretty dynamically, and a bold verse by Juciee Monroe that will make you strive for greatness. All in all, “Glow” is a banger that will make you go 10x harder in life.



3. Soup For The Soul

Marcus Porter’s “Soup For The Soul” contains ingredients that you can’t find at your local grocery store.

“Soup For The Soul” features a beat that boasts both gentle and bouncy. Over it, Marcus hits us with an extremely catchy hook and elaborate flows. He also drops wisdom-filled lyrics that will motivate dreamers, hustlers, and everyone in-between to strive for greatness.

What kind of bread are you eating with your soup for the soul (That’s a very important question)?



2. Wave

Marcus Porter gives himself a well-needed pat on the back in “Wave.”

“Wave” feels like a celebration of creativity. In the song, which boasts this horn-driven instrumental, Marcus Porter brags about having his own style and staying true to himself at all times.

More than anything, “Wave” will show up-and-coming artists how refreshing it is to be yourself. You can just feel high levels of pride in every word Marcus delivers.



1. The Wait

An anthem that will remind you to stay true to yourself.

In “The Wait,” Marcus Porter lets his mother know that he will only pursue his dreams if he can do things his way. What I like about this track is how it practically lets people that are new to Marcus’s music know how authentic he is.

Though the production that we get in “The Wait” sounds simple, there’s something about the piano notes I hear in it that strikes a chord with me. I also rock with how Marcus switches his flow throughout the song, getting fully lost in its vibes.


1. Read The Script (4/5)

2. The Wait (4/5)

3. Wave (4/5)

4. A Word (N/A)

5. Black Blood (3.5/5)

6. Coco (Ft. K.I.L.O aka SkitL’z) (3.5/5)

7. Born Black (Ft. 1neofmani, Jay B Coolin & The King) (4/5)

8. Loving You (4/5)

9. A 2nd Word (N/A)

10. Glow (Ft. Juciee Monroe) (4/5)

11. Key (3.5/5)

12. Soup For The Soul (4/5)

13. Legacy (3.5/5)




In today’s world, it’s really hard to find hip-hop music that is uplifting, empowering, inspirational, and full of positive vibes. Fortunately, that’s exactly what Marcus Porter provides us with in The Perception. Throughout the album, he talks about being black and proud, staying true to yourself, and embracing love. Marcus pairs these strong messages with catchy hooks, outstanding flows, and clever punchlines. Overall, the project feels poetic and therapeutic.