"Arizona" Holds Dempsey Bolton's Heart


Dempsey Bolton

Dempsey reflects on the past.

Hailing from Alberta, Canada, Dempsey Bolton, is an independent singer, songwriter, and producer. While studying astrophysics at the University of Alberta, Bolton began producing demos in his spare time. After graduating, he made the transition into a full-time artist. It was a major switch, but he made it work. Bolton takes influence from modern artists like Dominic Fike and Zanski. However, he also looks to classic artists like Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson. His self-produced sophomore album is set to be released in July. This album, and more, is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Dempsey Bolton’s latest release in preparation for his upcoming album is “Arizona.”

Bolton may take a trip back to “Arizona,” but he’s taking us down memory lane at the same time. This stellar pop track takes you back to a simpler time as the artist reflects on his life as a carefree youth. Don’t we all want to be back in that innocent time when things were easier? Here, that much is available to us, at least for a few minutes. Lyrics like Cause I was a kid when I got lost in Arizona / Life was so easy when I ain’t have a clue” recall a time when he had a child’s innocence not yet trapped with the responsibilities of an adult. As you make new memories this summer, it’s always nice to reflect back on the old ones. So, stream Dempsey Bolton’s “Arizona” to hear a song that makes you feel like a kid again.