Season 8

Elvira Alfaro

An indie pop tune that talks about a dying romance.

Elvira Alfaro is a singer and songwriter who can only be described as “nothing you’ve ever heard before.” Alfaro takes great pride in each and every creation she makes. Some of the artist’s previous songs include tracks like “vending machine,” “little things,” “to my younger self,” and “pieces of you.” In each, she pours her heart and soul into its creation to ensure the best possible results. The singer noted this is her second single, “leading up to my debut EP this summer.” All her songs and more are available on Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Music. She added that her latest song is “a tragedy.” Recently, Elvira Alfaro released the indie pop single “Season 8.”

While labeled tragic, the song also has enough respect for itself not to grovel completely. “Season 8” is the pop-rock sound that refuses to let us stay when we know things will not improve. So, we take the high road and leave while we can. Lyrics like “I don’t want to hurt you / Or make it worse / Staying when I know that / We’ll never work” and “I hate that it has to end this way / It’s taken me months to walk away” tells an emotional tale about falling out of love. With its many haunting vocals and dreamy elements, this song reminds us exactly how much it hurts to lose love. But we don’t want to stay and perish with it. So, press play on Elvira Alfaro’s new single to hear how this show ends in “Season 8.”