Rellz Is "Fluent" In Seduction



Rellz brings romantic R&B to a new generation.

New York-based artist, Rellz, is an R&B star in the making. Throughout his life, he’s always had a passion for music. Rellz was cast in Beyonce’s “Already”/”Black Is King” music video and performed at Paramount’s First-Ever Music Showcase last year. In 2017, he dropped his first single, “Doesn’t Feel the Same,” and followed that up with a few more tracks. Then, he released his first EP, Fever, in 2018. All of his creations are available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Rellz’s latest single, “Fluent,” gives fans a nostalgic feel about romance. The song also has an accompanying official performance video.

“Fluent” proves Rellz is a romance expert that we all need. The artist serenades his crush with sweet promises and validations of his love. Honestly, this is the kind of attention we could all enjoy occasionally. This smooth, mid-tempo contemporary R&B track combines with Rellz’s sultry vocals to create a soulful yet laidback vibe. The song is almost jazzy if we could take it that far. Either way, smooth R&B has a place in the romantic music genre, and it makes sure we feel every bit as loved as Rellz’s special someone. This hit will certainly put you back in touch with your sensual side.

Stream Rellz’s new single, “Fluent,” below.