Estella Dawn Wonders Why It "Didn't Occur To You"

Didn’t Occur To You

Estella Dawn

Dawn’s newest single makes me want to dance my heartbreak away.

New Zealand-born singer, songwriter, and producer, Estella Dawn, has slowly become a superstar in modern pop. She turns the worst parts of life into the best bangers. Estella’s ability to turn gritty experiences into infectious melodies led her to drop singles like “Cringe,” “Orange,” and “Not A Problem.” Dawn’s additional superpower in the industry is the fact that she’s a true visionary. She knows what we need to hear as well as what we want to hear. Dawn’s impressive and upbeat discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and her own website. Her latest single, “Didn’t Occur To You,” brings vulnerability to the dance floor. 

“Didn’t Occur To You” has an addictive, vibrant indie-pop sound that makes you forget about Estella Dawn coping with a breakup. Additionally, it helps you forget about your own troubles. Dawn’s sultry vocals strike such emotion as she yearns for love by looking into the past. She obsessed over the what-ifs and insists she’s “leaving the door open” in hopes her ex would return. However, they never do. Sound familiar? Dawn captures the struggle between letting go and having hope, a struggle we’ve all dealt with. If you relate to Dawn’s pain, you might find her your new favorite artist. So, stream Estella Dawn’s new single to wonder why cutting that ex off completely “Didn’t Occur To You.”