Late Nights


A melancholic pop single. 

Arizona-based musical creative, Brixx, is a rapper “with a cold delivery.” Since beginning his musical journey, the Anchorage, Alaska native has made a serious impact on the Arizona hip-hop scene. Brixx has “shared the stage” with notable artists like Tyga, Caskey, Lil Wayne, and Joyner Lucas. His discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and his own website. Brixx’s latest drop is the pop single “Late Nights.” The song also has an accompanying official music video.

“Late Nights” is a reflection on what it’s like when you are alone and deep in the shadows. Lyrics like “Maybe I should pump the brakes don’t fade away there’s still tomorrow, But lately I feel so hollow, you’re getting too far to follow” and “Always see you inside my dreams, she’s a nightmare without the screams” offer up melancholy thoughts. While the song is chill, it’s also bold enough to face the darkness that comes with being that last barrier for yourself against loneliness.

Press play on Brixx’s new single to experience what happens to him during “Late Nights.”