Blackbird – Kings Remix

Fat Freddy’s Drop

Smooth and soul-stirring remixes are the heart of 2023.

Fat Freddy’s Drop is a New Zealand-based band only about as old as I (the editor) am. Founded in the club scene in Wellington in 1999, the group “draws inspiration from almost every part of the black music lexicon.” Fat Freddy’s Drop’s unique sound offers “soul-drenched vocals and jazz harmonies” that “collide with tape delays and echo chambers, underpinned by a rhythm section.” It is “as comfortable laying down a throbbing, techy soundscape” as it is “a swampy blues stomp.” Some of their previous popular releases include tracks like “Ernie,” “Clean The House,” “Wandering Eye,” and “HOPE – LOCK-IN.” These songs, and more, are available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. One of Fat Freddy’s Drop’s recent drops is the single “Blackbird (Kings Remix)” off their upcoming remix album, Blackbird Returns.

“Blackbird (Kings Remix)” provides the perfect, genre-bending soundscape to work with an emotional exploration. Lyrics like “I can’t eat, I can’t sleep / Because I know they’ll be watching me” and “Where there was one before / Now there are many / And as the days go by / I see them multiply” are delivered with smooth, soul-stirring vocals. It’s a lush blend of infectious horns, jazzy piano, and captivating rap verses. However, the message itself seems much darker. It’s like the physical audio cue whenever you feel someone watching you. It’s magical as well as strange. So, press play on Fat Freddy’s Drop’s new single, “Blackbird – Kings Remix” below.