Dear Fans

YK Osiris

Y’all need to leave YK Osiris alone.

I f**k with YK Osiris a lot. I respect the passion he shows in his music, both lyrically and vocally. I think he’s been in a bit of a funk as of late because of the questionable things he’s done in his personal life. Well, in, “Dear Fans,” YK lets us know just how close he is to completely breaking down.


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In “Dear Fans,” YK Osiris lets us know that a bunch of his friends have let him down, that he cries all the time, and that he’s getting closer and closer to the edge. Throughout the song, which is powered by this very traditional R&B beat, YK switches between sounding laidback and like the mom from Good Times. All jokes aside, the hurt he shows feels hella authentic. I’m praying for you, YK!

The music video to this song is definitely dramatic as f**k. YK needs to play Jody in Baby Boy 2.