Shug Hzy Seems To Really Like "Trouble"


Shug Hzy

A pop-rap song that’s daring in love 

Born and raised in Federal Way, Washington, Shug Hzy is an independent rapper, producer, and songwriter. Hearing the song “Maybach Curtains” by Meek Mill is what inspired him to live out his dreams of being a rapper. Hzy is a home-grown artist that learned music production all on his own in his home studio. His real-life experience reflects in his music, which takes inspiration from cross genres and modern sounds. You can listen to singles like “Artificially Fine” “Sweet Shuga” and “Dance Floor” to get the full Shug Hzy experience. These songs are available on Spotify and Apple Music. Now, Shug Hzy’s latest release is “Trouble,” coming off of his newest project, titled Trouble From The Deep End.

“Trouble” is an infectious banger with catchy melodies and an exceptional beat. Hzy skillfully blends elements of pop, R&B, and hip-hop in this bubbly track. As the ultimate loverboy, he effortlessly sings with the attitude of a romantic, expressing that he’s found a girl worth getting in trouble for and that he won’t be letting her go anytime soon. The lyrics, like “If you’re with me, we can make this shit alright” and “Roll up for the moment, baby, you are some trouble I’ll get into,” paint a vivid picture of a wild and limitless love. It’s safe to say that Hzy has found himself in some good trouble.

Stream “Trouble” by Shug below.