LoLo Is "Falling" In Trauma



LoLo’s most gut-wrenching performance yet. 

LoLo, an artist hailing from North Carolina, skillfully merges vulnerability with his evolving alternative R&B sound. His music serves as a conduit for his genuine emotions, fearlessly exploring a wide range of topics. Nothing is off-limits for him; he delves into themes of loss, depression, heartbreak, and other thought-provoking aspects of life. Throughout his discography, LoLo maintains an unwavering commitment to honesty and rawness, which resonates deeply with his fan base. Noteworthy singles like “Wake Up,” “Wrong Side,” and “Taurus” showcase his growth as an artist while preserving the authenticity that listeners have come to adore. As he continues to refine his craft, new and exceptional hits consistently emerge from his repertoire. For those interested in exploring LoLo’s music, his discography is available on Spotify. His latest single, “Falling,” extracted from his recent EP titled Taurus, showcases his most heart-wrenching performance to date, exemplifying his ability to touch listeners on an emotional level.

In “Falling,” as well as many of his other tracks, Lolo invites fans into his personal perspective. Rather than focusing on a narrative of improvement and growth, this particular song explores his desperate attempts to escape his emotions and trauma, only to inevitably be pulled back into them. LoLo masterfully captures his profound sadness, demonstrating a deep understanding of the struggle in coping with these feelings. He expresses a longing for the people in his life to support him in maintaining his identity and not losing himself amidst his turmoil. LoLo’s emotions seamlessly intertwine with the slow-tempo, alternative-indie moody R&B sound he cultivates. This musical style provokes listeners to engage in profound introspection and soul-searching. However, with LoLo’s music as a guide, we are more likely to find solace and emerge from these difficult moments. To truly grasp the essence of tumbling and rising again, I encourage you to listen to “Falling.”