Talibans II

Byron Messia (Ft. Burna Boy)

You get real tough talk in this banger.

Byron Messia has a hit on his hand with “Talibans.” Currently, the song has over 17 million views on Spotify alone. While the title might throw you off, I think the hit is appealing because it boasts infectious melodies and some effortlessly gangsta lyrics. This past weekend, a remix to “Talibans II,” featuring Burna Boy, hit streaming services.


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In “Talibans II,” Burna Boy follows Byron Messia’s violent path. Throughout the song, he lets his enemies know what might happen to them if they step on his sneakers or play him like he’s dumb. The good news is this: Despite the aggressive lyrics that we get from both artists, the song is still smooth as hell. Not only are we gifted with infectious vocals from Burna, but we also get very chill production. 

Careful asking DJs to play “Talibans.”