Yeah Yeah

Ridge Long (Ft. Big 23)

Is this a banger? Yeah Yeah.

I’m wholeheartedly rooting for Ridge Long. Not only is he from my neck of the woods (Maryland), but I deeply admire the passion and dedication he pours into his music. A thorough exploration of his catalog reveals songs brimming with raw emotion, infectious melodies, and hard-hitting raps. Among Ridge Long’s standout tracks are “Mixed Personalities,” “Time Heals,” and “DBF.” You can access his complete discography on Spotify. Ridge Long’s most recent single is titled “Yeah Yeah.”

“Yeah Yeah” is fueled by a dramatic trap beat that will have you nodding your head and tapping into your emotions. Over it, Ridge Long and Big 23 deliver powerful, melodic raps that touch on the theme of betrayal by backstabbing individuals, as well as their journey from humble beginnings to success. The emotion conveyed throughout the track is truly captivating. 

Give “Yeah Yeah” a shot below.