Felicia Lu

And here, we examine outdated stereotypes.

Vienna, Austria-based musician Felicia Lu is a German singer and songwriter. Lu got to the RTL talent show Rising Star finals in 2014. Later, she made it to the finals of the German preselection for the Eurovision Song Contest in 2017 and 2022. Since then, Lu has been focused on creating original music. She also plays several instruments, writes, produces, and sings. Lu has reached over 14 million streams on Spotify thanks to popular songs like “Play” and “Anxiety.” One of her most famous singles is the hit “Band-Aid.” This song, and more, is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Felicia Lu’s latest drop is the pop single “B*tch.” The song also has an accompanying official visualizer.

Groovy beats and captivating vocals make this pop song the next best thing. “B*tch” provides a compelling, ultra-catchy soundscape that tests the limits enough to make everyone turn heads. Lyrics like “Why is it, Whenever God knows it’s the other way around, All guys just turn into clowns, like women are not allowed?” and “A woman just can’t be that way, We’re just supposed to sit and stay” hears the artist reflect on outdated stereotypes and celebrate her freedom. Dark pop vibes combine with a message encouraging women to explore their sexuality. It’s not about everyone else; it’s about you and what you can do. So, press play on “B*tch” below to say no to double standards.