Flight Volume Can And Will Give You "JETLAG"


Flight Volume (ft. OnCue & Abstract)

Damn, they went straight savage on this track!

Hailing from Alabama, Flight Volume, an artist, songwriter, and producer, remains committed to advancing his career while pushing the boundaries of his distinctive blend of electro-pop and hip-hop music. A recurring pattern can be observed in both his name and several of his track titles, and this instance is no exception. Back in 2017, Flight Volume introduced his first single titled “Lonely,” paving the way for subsequent single releases and culminating in the unveiling of his inaugural album, Airplane Mode, in 2021. These songs are available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. While many of his songs are individual releases, Flight Volume prefers to share his success and involve other artists. He’s teamed up with many, including Yung Sum and Omar LinX. Flight Volume’s latest cutthroat single, “JETLAG,” is a massive f-you to his ex. The song also has an accompanying lyric video and features OnCue and Abstract.

“JETLAG” emerges as a pop-rap fusion, a rhythmic mid-tempo track tailor-made for those who’ve had enough of their no-good exes. Brace yourself, as this breakup anthem unleashes a whirlwind of emotions that’ll leave someone reeling from the unexpected counterattack. The tune spins so swiftly that they’ll barely have time to react before the full impact hits home.

The track’s production is a masterpiece of sleekness, seamlessly blending indie-pop vibes with a dash of rap flair. Meanwhile, the lyrics paint an intricate tale that delves deep into the narrative. This song doesn’t hold back—its verses dissect the ex’s flaws, revealing a character who masquerades as a victim to the world but treats my guy like a part-time punching bag.

It’s the ultimate musical mic drop, an auditory slam dunk that will undoubtedly make them ponder their misguided actions. So, don’t miss out on the experience—stream Flight Volume’s “JETLAG” below.