Lil Yachty

Did Yachty take a shot at Pusha T in this song? Aw s**t!

Today, Lil Yachty released two fresh tracks, and they are nothing like the music that was on his last album, Let’s Start Here. Here’s a quick, friendly reminder: Let’s Start Here. features mainly alternative rock music. I like the album a lot. Anywho, one of the songs that hit streaming services today is “SOLO STEPPIN CRETE BOY.” Do you see the words “STEPHEN CURRY” when you read the title, too, or am I just dyslexic? 

“SOLO STEPPIN CRETE BOY” is powered by a beat I could’ve made. That s**t sounds like glorified Sonic The Hedgehog 2 music (It knocks, though). The story here isn’t the beat, though; it is Yachty’s raps. Though he doesn’t sound all that enthusiastic, he does hit us with some trill-ass lyrics. In his long-ass verse, which kind of sounds like a freestyle, Yachty talks about hanging with wolves, spoiling chicks that are worth it, and painting his nails. He also takes a shot at a fake King Pin (PUSHA T diss?). If you are interested in how Yachty is really living out here, this track will tickle your fancy.

Give “SOLO STEPPIN CRETE BOY” a shot below.