Gone Without a Trace

Chris Poulson

A pop single that describes the loss of someone great.

California-based musical creative, Chris Poulson, is an American singer, songwriter, and guitarist from Los Angeles. The artist first appeared on the music scene back in 2021 with his debut solo EP, Fall into Pieces. Later, in July 2022, Poulson dropped the well-received single “Can’t Let Go.” That hit earned the singer plenty of positive feedback and started his ride to success. Poulson tends to take on pop with a warm and cozy approach. His discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. In March, Poulson teamed up with well-recognized producer and engineer Taylor Sparks. The duo was able to create the pop single “Gone Without a Trace.”

This is the sort of song that will stir your emotions and tug at your heartstrings by simply being bittersweet. It’s a final goodbye to the love Poulson received from his special someone, and it wasn’t just a breakup. Lyrics like “Taken by time, you had no choice but to let it go / You’re an angel now, to everyone that you’ve once known” and “We will meet again, my dear, this I know is true” hint at deeper losses than he can possibly describe. It’s a haunting sound with personal touches and the sensation of being alone when we don’t want to be. Of course, there’s really no way to stop such a sorrowful moment, so it’s a matter of getting through it without losing yourself to grief or loneliness. So, press play below to remember that, someday, someone we all love might be “Gone Without a Trace” as well.