J. Cole doesn’t get washed often. As a matter of fact, he usually does the washing. We did find a few rare occassions in which Cole got beat in a song.



5. Rapsody – Sojourner (2018)


Two A+ verses. One just had a little more flair.

“Sojourner” is some hella authentic boom bap rap s**t. Most Emcees breathing on earth today are not qualified to spit on the track. WITH THAT BEING SAID, in it, J. Cole and Rapsody trade reflective, hungry-ass verses that I think are excellent. While the former’s fiery delivery and feverish flow caught my attention, the command, the pizazz, the effortless punchlines, and the strong messages the latter hit us with definitely got her the win.



4. Drake – In The Morning (2011)


It’s kind of weird making a competition out of a romantic rap song, but I’ma competitive-ass dude, so let’s go!

One of my favorite terms these days is “Know Your Assignment.” This is precisely why Drake beat J. Cole in “In The Morning.” Cole approaches the song (Which boasts a smooth beat that might make you want to light some candles and put roses all over your bed) with an aggressive delivery that makes him sound a little thirsty for his partner. As for Drake, in his verse, he brings out that one sexy voice every dude has in his arsenal when they know they are close to sealing the deal with a chick. I think Drake’s verse matched the tone of the record perfectly. 

I guess hitting it in the morning requires different energy than hitting it at night? 



3. Lil Baby – p r i d e . i s . t h e . d e v i l (2020)


I hate spelling this s**t out. Why the hell did Cole do this damn spaced-out, period thing?

J. Cole flows very well in this song. He also shows excellent passion, toys with this slightly whiny but effective vocal style, and does a fantastic flow switch in his second verse. WITH THAT BEING SAID, in this song, Lil Baby ate like he had just finished 21 days of doing the Naked & Afraid challenge. Once he’s passed the baton, Baby attacks the booming, jazzy beat like a madman, hurling out inspirational lyrics that real ones will resonate with. I also feel that Baby’s style fits the song more than Cole’s.

If pride really is the devil, Cole should be OK with the idea that Baby washed him here.



2. JAY-Z – Mr. Nice Watch (2011)


There’s absolutely nothing wrong with getting washed by your Boss.

Let’s be honest: J. Cole was a jit when “Mr. Nice Watch” came out, so I’m not surprised that JAY-Z beat him in the song. I mean, at the time, did Cole even have a nice watch?

I like the fiery, competitive energy Cole raps with from start to finish in “Mr. Nice Watch.” I also like the balance he shows between sounding humble and like a dude in line to cash his first rap check. WITH THAT BEING SAID, I think JAY-Z won the track with his cocky, dismissive demeanor throughout his verse. JAY legit sounds like he was strategically schooling ninjas. I’m sure Cole had his eyes wide open when he saw JAY recording his verse.



1. DaBaby – Under The Sun (2019)


To Cole’s defense, DaBaby also beat Lute in the song…

Let’s be clear: J. Cole put up a phenomenal verse in “Under The Sun.” In it, he raps with a very consistent and fast-paced flow. He also reveals his ruthless side by speaking about the demons he hangs with. Unfortunately, DaBaby’s flow in his verse was a little more impressive, and his energy just met the soulful beat at the rim more. To Cole’s defense, I think Baby puts up his best verse to date in this song.

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