No One Knows Me Better


A delightfully trippy pop gem with a genuinely empowering message.

BOWIE is an independent artist that keeps getting better and better as the years go by. As the child of two professional musicians, the singer grew up surrounded by clubs, opera houses, and concert halls. “BOWIE’s songs are disarmingly honest; they tell stories from her own life, nothing embellished.” The artist’s unique sound provides her listeners with “complex melodies, visually stunning lyrics, and unusual chords” which come together “to create an exciting genre mix of pop, indie, and everything that is missing in today’s mainstream radio.” Some of her previous releases include songs like “Wasting All Your Lovin’, “Xo,” and “Good All On My Own.” BOWIE’s latest drop is the single “No One Knows Me Better” and its accompanying official AI hybrid music video.

With an ear-pleasing combination of intriguing tones and wonderfully groovy beats, “No One Knows Me Better” offers a delightfully dynamic backdrop to complement the tune’s captivating reflection. Lyrics like “Everybody tells me, I don’t really have a clue, They never truly ask, They only ever talk, And bathe in their own truth” and “I’m done bending the knee, I’m no longer a teen” offer up a striking message of self-empowerment. With its haunting vocals and just the right amount of angst, BOWIE gifts us an unforgettable pop gem about staying true to yourself. So, press play and let the words of “No One Knows Me Better” inspire you to embrace the person that matters most.