Half Doin Dope

JID & Lil Yachty (Ft. BabyTron)

Lil Yachty and JID dropped a two-pack Shakur on Friday. 

Lil Yachty and JID are as similar as an apple and orange. The former is experimental and unpredictable, while the latter is one of the better MCs in the game today. Them uniting for a two-pack is surprising, but I think we need more surprising s**t like this in hip-hop. One of the tracks from the two-pack is called “Half Doin Dope” with BabyTron.

JID ate in “Half Doin Dope.” Over the soulful southern beat that powers the song, he hits us with his signature tongue-twisting flows and talks his s**t non-stop, bragging about meeting with Jay-Z and deserving a crown more than Rashad McCants. As for Lil Yachty and BabyTron, they talk their s**t in their own unique ways. The former sounds like he’s on the verge of upchucking, while the latter hits us with somewhat witty punchlines and unorthodox flows. All in all, I think this fun little banger is worth your time.

Will we get a full-blown project out of Lil Yachty and JID? Or will Yachty find content in being Drake’s spokesperson? Find out next time on Ratings Game Music!