Falling or flying

Jorja Smith

Jorja Smith keeps dropping gems.

Though some people will call the fall Jorja Smith season, things have been different in 2023. Her last two singles from this year, “Little Things” and “Try Me” have been on some uptempo, summertime s**t. With that being said, “Falling or flying,” definitely reminds me of your typical dramatic Jorja Smith song.

Jorja Smith’s lyrics in “Falling or flying” capture a complex mix of emotions, including a desire for closeness, a plea for honesty, and a sense of being overwhelmed by their feelings for someone. What I love about the track is how gentle and nimble it sounds all around. The jazzy production is as soothing as it gets, while Jorja Smith’s vocals are layered with great timidness and nurturing. It’s songs like this that make me believe toxic relationships can all be figured out in the long run; you have to have a little bit of patience (Please don’t completely follow that bad advice that I just gave you).

Will Jorja Smith’s upcoming album include additional songs in the vein of “Falling or flying,” “GO GO GO,” and “Little Things,” where she explores the theme of letting go and adopting a less critical perspective on love? Find out next time on Ratings Game Music!