Pipe Dream


G-SALAH raps like the rent is due in “Pipe Dream.”

G-SALIH is a Sudanese-American hip-hop artist with a passion for music that started when he was a jit in high school. At 20, he decided to pursue a professional music career and has released a bunch of successful singles. G-SALIH is working on his debut Extended Play (EP), set to be released in late 2019. In the meantime, he decided to release a new single called “Pipe Dream.”

If you love J. Cole’s earlier s**t, you will definitely f**k with “Pipe Dream.” In the song, which is powered by this hard-hitting/atmospheric beat, G-SALIH pours his heart out early and often, hitting us with aggressive rap deliveries, impactful punchlines, and lyrical content that should inspire you to chase your dreams, make smart decisions, and stiff-arm individuals that aren’t here for your growth. By the time you’re finished listening to this banger, you’re going to want to look up G-SALIH’s name in the Stash App so you can throw some investment money towards his career.

Give “Pipe Dream” a shot below.