Tinashe returns to prime form in “BB/ANG3L.”




3. Needs

When women say they have needs, drop everything you’re doing and get the need-giving. When men say they have needs, it sounds like some b*tch-ass s**t, right?

This is one of Tinashe’s least experimental efforts of the year. “Needs” is a lo-fi R&B track that has easygoing vocals, intoxicating melodies, and lyrical content that revolves around letting your guard down and having a little bit of fun with someone who is probably not in your future plans. I can definitely see the song getting a chill pool party poppin’. 



2. None Of My Business

I love it when Tinashe gets confrontational and bold!

In “None Of My Business,” Tinashe talks about ending an entanglement that she has been conflicted about for a while now. What I love about the song is how authentic it sounds. Like, the pain and passion in Tinashe’s voice make me think she’s really gone through what she’s talking about. I also f**k with the song’s old-school R&B vibes, simple but catchy hook, and intoxicating production. 



1. Talk To Me Nice

Do you hear that, Ben Simmons?

“Talk To Me Nice” might sound like fighting words, but surprisingly, this is not fighting music at all. In the song, Tinashe gracefully communicates her desire to make things right and avoid conflicts with her partner. She also hints at how intimacy can resolve many of their issues. Tinashe’s impressive singing skills shine brightly in the song, and the production she chose showcases her eclectic personality with its quirky and dynamic nature.


1. Treason (4/5)

2. Talk To Me Nice (4.5/5)

3. Needs (4/5)

4. Uh Huh (3.5/5)

5. Gravity (3.5/5)

6. None Of My Business (4.5/5)

7. Tightrope (4/5)




This is easily Tinashe’s best work to date.

Tinashe’s versatility as an R&B singer differentiates her from artists like SZA, Summer Walker, Jhene Aiko, and Ari Lennox. This might explain why she isn’t always directly compared to them. Tinashe’s ability to effortlessly shift between various styles and sounds can make it challenging to categorize her music neatly. That said, in recent years, her wide-ranging versatility may have made her catalog somewhat unpredictable or scattered. In BB/ANG3L, she has rediscovered her musical groove. Throughout this project, Tinashe strikes a balanced blend of contemporary and old-school R&B elements, delivering carefree and vulnerable lyrics in the process. The lo-fi and mid-tempo vibes add depth to her music, while she also incorporates elements that pay homage to her earlier work. In essence, BB/ANG3L seems to showcase Tinashe finding a harmonious equilibrium in her musical journey.

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