Rating: 4 out of 5.

6LACK and Jessie Reyez need to go ahead and drop that collaboration album.

6LACK needs to back the hell up; Jessie Reyez is mine, and I am not willing to share. Okay, all jokes aside, 6LACK and Jessie Reyez have been collaborating on songs for years now. While you might be most familiar with “IMPORTED” from BEFORE LOVE CAME TO KILL US, they also dropped the fantastic “FOREVER” from YESSIE (Wait, why doesn’t he allow Jessie to be on his album? Is this a one-way-street type of relationship?). On Friday, the duo joined forces once again for “Homicide” (Hopefully, this s**t is on 6LACK’s upcoming album).

As expected, 6LACK and Jessie Reyez keep s**t juicy in “Homicide.” In the song, which is powered by this guitar-driven beat that unexpectedly incorporates trap vibes and boasts tons of bass, 6LACK and Jessie Reyez delve into the theme of toxic relationships where partners are being cheated on, and exes are forced to witness intimate encounters through windows. While the former shines with his characteristic dreary style, the latter’s bold and rebellious vocals excellently overshadow her partner’s.

Jessie Reyez appears to have the demeanor of someone who might set your house on fire and then casually call you as if nothing had occurred.