Rating: 5 out of 5.

An alternative single that will put a smile on your face and keep you hitting that replay button.

Dolo Tonight, also known as Jonah Elias Rindner, is a versatile artist with talents encompassing singing, rapping, and multi-instrumentalism. He’s recognized for his vibrant personality and unique ability to convey stories through his music. Dolo Tonight’s musical style often leans towards indie and pop, drawing inspiration from diverse artists like Billie Holiday, A Day To Remember, Paramore, and the Allman Brothers. He aspires to create a world within his music where people can embark on endless explorations. Dolo Tonight’s most recent release is the alternative single “This Is Fine,” accompanied by a music video.

With a delightful fusion of lively beats and twangy instrumentals, “This Is Fine” sets the stage for a dynamic listening experience that complements the track’s engaging narrative. The lyrics, featuring lines like “A tooth is coming loose, The world is ending on the news, I’m made of concrete, and I’m sinking, I’m always overthinking,” and “Spent the weekend in my jammies, Danced so hard I pulled my hammy,” present a lighthearted tale about facing the end of the world. This song is characterized by its infectious, cheerful elements and a generous dose of clever wordplay, making it the perfect alternative single to embrace as we transition into the fall season. Hit play, turn up the volume, and savor life to the fullest with this track.