Rating: 5 out of 5.

A sensual R&B fusion that instantly pulls you in.

Smile High, also known as Ben Silverstein, is a highly talented pianist and producer based in Los Angeles. With over a decade of experience in the music industry, Smile High has a remarkable musical journey. He’s had the opportunity to perform with the funk-soul-rock fusion band The Main Squeeze, gracing stages at renowned festivals like Bonnaroo and Electric Forest across the globe. Smile High’s approach to music revolves around collaboration, as he finds immense joy in blending his expertise with other talented artists. Recently, he joined forces with songwriter Davion Farris and the Grammy and Emmy Award-winning singer-songwriter Cocoa Sarai. Together, this trio crafted the R&B single “On The Way,” accompanied by an official music video.

“On The Way” is a captivating fusion of pop, soul, and hip-hop, creating a stylish musical backdrop that complements the song’s rich exploration. The lyrics paint a sensual tale of desire with lines like “This might get you high, Take you on a ride, This ish might change yo life (damn), But only for the night” and “Don’t put out the fire, Until you retire, Baby take me higher, Hurry up, the clock is ticking.” With sultry vocals and funky R&B vibes, Smile High, Davion Farris, and Cocoa Sarai deliver a dreamy masterpiece that beautifully bridges classic and contemporary sounds. So, hit that play button and let “On The Way” envelop your senses.