Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Music is in such a good place right now. If you look around the landscape, artists from all over the globe are shining. It’s great to see. With that being said, one of the hottest singles to release today, “TOO MUCH,” features The Kid LAROI (who’s from Australia), Jungkook (who’s from South Korea), and Central Cee (who’s from the UK).

“TOO MUCH” boasts gentle, sly production that aligns perfectly with The Kid LAROI and Jungkook’s gorgeous melodies, vulnerable lyrics, and soft vocals. As for Central Cee, he provides the song with a great switch-up. His verse sounds gritty and aggressive, which aligns with the topic at hand, which is about getting on the same page with your partner. All in all, I think this song is perfectly put together and is something easy to consume.

Even though this song doesn’t feature a single American, it sounds very American-like.