This scorching pop song will keep you on your feet.

Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Dani Doucette is a talented singer and songwriter. She embarked on her journey as a songwriter at the tender age of 6 and has since found her true calling in music. Her early experiences as an artist involved sharing her songs on platforms like SoundCloud and serving as the lead singer in a corporate band. Driven by a deep passion for creating music and delivering captivating performances, Dani brings a fresh pop sound infused with a rare sense of authenticity. This year, she has made waves with the release of four scintillating singles. Now, she’s back with the sizzling new single, “Firealarm.”

Dani Doucette takes us on a journey back to the vibrant 80s with “Firealarm.” This dazzling pop track feels like a dream filled with neon lights and endless dancing. Doucette keeps the energy high and upbeat, delivering catchy melodies with her own unique flair and featuring artist Karl Wolf. She describes the unquenchable fire burning within her, evident in lyrics like “They thought they could burn me but they lit me up” and “I’m the fuel better strike and run baby.” This spirited song is sure to keep you engaged and moving to its infectious beat. If you’re searching for the perfect track to hit the dancefloor with, look no further than “Firealarm.”